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Scratch-resistant sapphire


12-Hour Time, Date, Sec/Min/Hour

Water Resistance:


Case Material:

316L Stainless Steel

Quick-Change Straps:

Change your watch band style in an instant


Fine quality Miyota OS20 (Japan)

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Deacon M.

This Luca is big and bold, but with sleek, easy-to-read dial. It's suitable for daily casual wear but fits equally well at a dressy occasion. I've been wearing it for about 15 days and it's maintained perfect time. No complaints. It's really a beautiful chronograph.

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Wonderful watch co! you will not be disappointed you need to get one of these and images do not do justice!

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Gosh, what a great watch the CH-1 is! It wears very nicely on the wrist with just the right amount of weight that’s not too light nor too heavy! I have two of the Italian leather bands and they provide great comfort for an everyday watch. The chronograph complication works very well and is quite accurate!

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Tommy Grover

I purchased my BR-1 (in Pearl White) in late 2021 and I love it. I use the dial all the time to set a timer while in the kitchen. I get compliments almost every time I wear it. I'll be adding more to my collection!

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Customize your style

With Luca's quick change system, customizing your style has never been easier! Swap out your watch bands in seconds to match your outfit or mood, no tools required. Whether you're dressing up for a special occasion or just want to switch things up, Luca's quick change system gives you the flexibility to do it all. Upgrade your style effortlessly and enjoy the convenience of a watch that adapts to your needs.

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Easy Shopping, Easy Shipping, Easy Returns

Easy Shopping, Easy Shipping, Easy Returns

We offer fast air shipping, or free ground shipping. We think you’ll love your LUCA—but, if there are regrets, we have an easy 90-day return or exchange policy.

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